About Peggy Hanna

Peggy Hanna, a Chicago native, became active politically after moving to Ohio in 1965. She was the co-chair of Springfield People for Peace and elected a McGovern delegate to the 1972 Democrat National Convention.

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About The Book


“Riveting . . . Brutally honest memoir”—Phil Donahue,Former talk show host

$10.00 includingshipping
128 pages
ISBN: 9780974186511


Chapter Outline
1.  The Move
2.   Hawk to Dove
3.   Springfield People for Peace
4.   Patriotism
5.   Witness
6.   Kent State and More
7.   Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington
8.   Opportunity Knocks
9.   The Paris Peace Talks
10.  Sharing the Experience
11.  Banned
12.  Pressing On
13.  Peace to Politics
14.  Political Realities
15.  The End

Though there is no shortage of Vietnam-era books, Peggy Hanna’s tale comes from a unique angle – that of a Midwestern Catholic homemaker and “hawk” turned peace activist.Hanna gives a fascinating inside look at just how far the outposts of the peace movement stretched.  Its epicenter may have been on college campuses, but, as Hanna shows, its ripples were felt in the small towns and ranch houses of the Midwest.Today, the voices of “regular” people doing their part to struggle for peace are more important than ever.  Hanna’s voice is a worthwhile addition to that chorus.

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