About Peggy Hanna

Peggy Hanna, a Chicago native, became active politically after moving to Ohio in 1965. She was the co-chair of Springfield People for Peace and elected a McGovern delegate to the 1972 Democrat National Convention.

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Student Reviews

Student Responses from American History Survey Course

“After recently reading your memoir, I have come away with a new understanding of the war… I think this book should be read by people all over the country… Especially since we have come to another time in our history when our troops are again sent away…”

—Kristin O.

“Some of the things you and your friends went through with Vietnam is going on right now with Iraq .”

—Kelly M.

“This memoir made me think about today’s current history and has made me question what stand I should take about the war in Iraq .”

—Katie Y.

“It provided me with great insight into your experience in the antiwar movement during Vietnam … It opened my eyes and my heart, and enabled me to better understand the many things that Vietnam represents to people.”

—Kacey C.

“I think a book like this has been a long time coming… We talked in class about how the war in Iraq right now has a lot of similarities with Vietnam … I’m glad it was part of the curriculum this year.”

—David C.

“I was very entertained by your story of how many “average Americans” can do extraordinary things if they believe in themselves and their causes.”

—Jacob T.

“It is a quick read, yet provides the reader with a lot of useful and historic information… This book allowed me to gain a totally new perspective on the war and people’s experiences.”

—Courtney B.

“Your book was the perfect introduction to the “inside” of what was occuring. Hopefully, with research I will continue to gain knowledge about this intriguing period in history. Thanks for writing this truthful and honest novel, it has truly sparked my interest.”

—Gretchen D.

“It has made me evaluate everything that has been happening in our country.”

—Heather W.